Monday, December 5, 2011

"There's Gramps!" she said. A Moment of Hope and Happiness

I will NEVER forget what "Anonymous" wrote to me on January 2, 2011.

Anonymous said...

"I was reading 'My Little Prayers'. I stopped because my dog needed an emergency bath. My 14 year old son volunteered to read to his 5 year old sister, as an exchange. When I returned she said there was a story like "us."

She turned to a prayer YOU wrote. It asked God for help remembering loved ones in Heaven. An auburn haired man was among those in a "thought bubble". "There's Gramps!", she said. My Dad died in November 2009. Now my Grandma, her "G.G." is near death. Your poem and the illustration made her feel 'Merry'. We shared a moment of hope and happiness. THANK YOU. I am sleepy, pecking at my mobile phone in the darkness. Know your prayer is with us. I thank our God we can share and have it. ( : Now I pray this makes it to you!"

This beautiful note did make it to me and it touched me DEEPLY. It sums up the reason I write. With God's help, to give a little HOPE and HAPPINESS to even just one child.