Thursday, June 18, 2009

If You Feel Like Reading a Story

My story KITTEN'S CLIMB can be found (with illustrations) by going to the following HIGHLIGHTS web address:

KITTEN'S CLIMB is part of a reading comprehension test booklet used in schools across the country. It's published by Harcourt.

Hope you like it (o:


Pam said...

Hi Sherri,

I loved your story. It is so cute and sweet. I think it is so great you are published nationally with Scholastic. Wow!!


Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Sherri, I loved your story, too. Well written. Highlights has such good taste in writers!:D


Sheryl Crawford said...

Thanks Gloria and Pam! You two must think like 5 year olds just like I do(o: It's one of my favorite stories. I couldn't get this picture of a mother bird with an ATTITUDE--- yet with a bit of a tender heart, out of my head. Doesn't that "naughty" little that kitten remind you of our kids when they were little (What do you mean I can't do that, Mommy? I'm BIG!)I was thrilled when it was published again---years after publication in Highlights--- in a reading assessment test booklet for public schools. You never know! Keep writing Gloria! Keep that camera clicking, Pam!

Clementine said...

Very cute! I enjoyed the illustrations too.

Janet, said...

I loved it! It was such a sweet story. Congratulations.