Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Writing Re-told Bible Stories for Kids

I love writing retold Bible stories for young children. The Bible is filled with adventure! Story after story can be re-told with action and dialog, making the Bible come alive for kids. As a Believer, I know the Bible is certainly non-fiction material, and a never-ending source of inspiration for the Christian children’s writer.

Several years ago I wrote a series of three stories for a popular Christian children’s magazine for kids ages 4 to 8. These were stories about the inspiring and in-suppressible Paul...my Bible hero. The first story was titled, Shipwrecked!

Open a Bible and turn to chapters 27 & 28 in the book of Acts. You’ll read about Paul's harrowing adventure. I wanted kids ages 4 to 8 to “experience” just a portion of this story through action and dialog.

The following are short excerpts from Shipwrecked:

CRASH! Paul bolted upright. A monstrous wave had struck the ship! The sky was black and an icy rain pelted the prisoners and guards. Mighty winds tossed the ship from side to side. Wave after giant wave thundered and crashed over the wooden vessel.
"Help us!" the prisoners cried. "We're going to die!"
"I can't control the ship!" the Captain yelled.
"Throw everything overboard!" the guards shouted above the roar of the winds. “We must lighten the load or we'll sink!"

Here's another excerpt:

“Land! I see land!" shouted the Captain. The relieved men cheered and rowed for shore. But no one saw the danger ahead...jagged rocks beneath the dark waters.
SMASH! The ship splintered against the knife-sharp rocks. The waves beat against the broken vessel as the rocks tore it to pieces.
“Jump for your lives and swim for the island!” a guard shouted. “Every man for himself!”
Paul leaped into the water and held onto a piece of broken wood. He kicked his numb feet and headed toward the island along with the others. I know God has a plan, even in this freezing
wa-wa-water he thought.
Before long, Paul felt strong arms pull his weakened body onto the sandy beach. He looked up through salt-stung eyes into the friendly face of an islander.

Non-fiction resources are unlimited! If you haven’t tried writing for this genre you’re missing out on a publishing door that’s still WIDE OPEN for new talent! Go ahead...show children that life can be more exciting than fiction!

c 2008 Sheryl Crawford

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