Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Write for the Educational Market with Evelyn's Help!

Well, Evelyn Christensen has done it again! She's gets another A+ on her market research. Ev graciously shares her discoveries for publication possibilities--- just because she's NICE. According to Ev, her market list has "a few new tidbits." She is quick to point out and thank Susan Ludwig, a freelance children's writer, for assisting with updating the market list.

Visit her website at http://echristensen.atspace.com/markets.html

If you haven't considered writing for the educational market, you might want to think again. Nancy I. Sanders and I (photo)have co-authored seven educational books together for Scholastic Professional Books! My latest book was released November 1, 2009, Easy-To-Read Science Plays: The Human Body.

Every school week, first and second grade children across the country participate in our readers theater, make mini-books, create crafts from our reproducibles, and have loads of FUN while their teachers lead them in educational extension activities. I have a feeling that some of our crafts may be on refrigerator door galleries (o;

Check out Evelyn's site. She's got a looooong list of publishers who have some definite needs and guidelines. Who knows---YOU could be just the writer they're looking for!

Oh, and one more thing---THANK YOU, EVELYN and SUSAN!


Janet, said...

Thanks, Sheryl. . . and Evelyn.

Clementine said...

Thank you for this! You know, I've always shyed away from these markets because I don't have an education degree. Do you think that matters?

Evelyn said...

Thank you, Sherri, for sharing my market list info with your readers! I love coming to your site and seeing all your books and seeing all the ways you're helping other writers with your blog.

Blessings, Ev