Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Beginning Writer? Growing Writer? Go to the Children's Book Insider!

The Children's Book Insider, has been helping children's writers for more than 19 years. I subscribe to the CBI newsletter and visit their amazing website. Editors Jon Bard and Laura Backes will answer questions like,

* Can I really make it as a children's writer?
* Is it difficult to get started?
* Do I have to spend a ton of money on classes and books?

You can even watch short, instructional videos online.

You’ll find step-by-step instruction on their website and in the CBI Newsletter that will help you enter this fascinating field of writing for kids.

I just finished reading the January 2010 issue of the Children's Book Insider. Jon Bard challenges writers in his piece, From the Editor, to enter the 21st century by doing things like blogging, building a Facebook Fan page, and Twittering.

Jon wrote, "Don't be BORING." Now that's how to lose your followers for sure! He's reminding writers that merely blogging about daily activities on our blogs "won't cut it." He's right. Jon encourages writers to offer "fresh perspectives", and to direct our readers to great links. That's precisely what I'm doing right now!

Please visit www.CBIClubhouse.com and get excited about the possibilities!


Jon Bard said...

Wow -- you really made our day! Thanks so much for the kind words. Knowing that there are folks like you benefiting from what we do has kept our motor running for 20 years. (That's right -- May is our 20th Anniversary!)

Time flies when you're helping people achieve their dreams. :)

Janet said...

I already belong, Sherri. It is a great informative site!