Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Be Amused

In her helpful book, Writing For Children, Catherine Wooley (Jane Thayer) said this:

"Most children's authors are famous to no one but librarians and teachers and the children who write to you or hear you speak. Children often know the title of a book they love but not the name of the author. You will not be famous to the general public except sometimes in your hometown. Pay it no mind. Be amused."

Is your goal to reach children or to be famous and rich? Most likely you and I will not be famous or rolling in cash because of our writing. So, if after knowing this harsh reality you still want to write---YOU are a true children's writer and in mighty good company! Some of the finest writers of children's books and magazine stories are not famous or wealthy, but their stories are dearly loved by children. Now THAT should make you feel like a million $$$!

1 comment:

Nancy I. Sanders said...

Yes, you reminded me of the true "gold" of writing, Sherri! And yes, it makes me feel like a million!
Love, Nancy