Sunday, January 2, 2011

Magnify the Hope for Children

Horrible things happen every day and everywhere. The harsh reality is that at some point each child will become aware that life isn't all sunshine, hugs, and playgrounds.

Families are struggling to stay in their homes and put food on the table. The news tells of child abductions, murders, divorce, deadly tornadoes, earthquakes and flood's. Can we still offer hope to children in this kind of world? Of course we can, and we MUST!

My hairdresser tells me that in spite of the struggling economy, his business hasn't dwindled. In fact, it's UP. When I asked him why this was he replied, "Women want to feel good about themselves when they don't feel good about anything else. They may have to eat beans and rice to afford the hairdresser, but by making themselves look better they FEEL better."

Children need to feel better in difficult times. If some of our writing is for the secular market, can we offer any kind of hope when we write about days at the zoo, pets, friendship, love, family, or just plain silly books to make them laugh? Absolutely! Those wonderful, fun, precious, thoughtful, and even silly things exist even when horrible things exist right alongside them. HOPE is still there but you, the writer, may need to help them find it. Magnify the hope for children who cannot see it.

Because I'm a Christian, my hope is in the Son of God and His promise for eternal life. That is a hope that never fades. If you write for the Christian children's market it's obvious where your hopeful words will lead. What a privilege and calling it is to write words of God's hope for children!

Some books for children offer hope in Christ to those dealing with topics like divorce, death, moving and leaving a best friend, going to a new school, fears of all kinds, losing a pet, and other harsh realities of life.

These are some HOPEFUL Christian books on my bookshelves:

Someday Heaven by Larry Libby
Someone Awesome by Larry Libby
Someone I Loved Died by Christine Harder Tangvold
Someday We'll Play in Heaven by Shawn Alyne Strannigan
My Little Prayers (WORD Publishing. I was blessed to be a contributing author)
Psalms for a Child's Heart (my first book)

When you write for the secular or Christian market, write about good, wholesome topics for children---stories with values and messages to lift the heart. Write to help a child through emotional pain, loneliness, or fear in a frightening and unstable world.

Just imagine---God may use your book or even a simple magazine piece to give comfort and hope to a child whose heart is crying. Bless a child and MAGNIFY the HOPE!

c 2009 Sheryl Ann Crawford

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Tina Cho said...

What a nice encouraging post for writers. Thanks, Sherri!